Dry Rack/Slips

How much time do you waste trailer-ing your boat, uncovering, recovering, washing, and worrying? Sometimes, it hardly seems worth the effort. Our summer demand in/out hours are: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., 7 days a week. Early and late launches are available upon request, just call ahead during normal business hours.

We take care of your boat so when you’re ready to go, your boat is, too. Just step on board, load up, and take off. It’s like having your own private boathouse, but even better! Our premium dry rack valet storage for convenient summer in-and-out service in a year-round facility offering winter layup.

Just call us an hour before you plan to arrive at the dock and we’ll have your boat ready and waiting upon your arrival! It’s easy to protect your investment with dry storage that keeps your boat clean and free of growth, barnacles and water-borne corrosion which not only diminishes its performance, it also decreases its life span. With our dry rack valet storage service, you will experience all the pleasures of boating without the hassle. At the end of your boating day, we will rinse the bottom of your boat with fresh water and put it back in its berth in our modern indoor facility. You will enjoy complete peace of mind when you know your boat is out of harm’s way in our enclosed, fire-protected, locked building. No vandalism, pilfering, and no bottom painting. Eliminate excessive fading of canvas and upholstery from the elements. Plus you receive the added protection from stormy weather. This can mean lower maintenance costs for you and a higher resale value for your boat.